I am a Fractal/Algorithm Artist who works with Apophysis and UltraFractal. Full collections of my work can be seen on deviantART.

Selected Works

  • a colorful spiral
  • a smooth, fractured spiral
  • a modern art fractal
  • a spiral fractal with flower petals
  • a silky flower fractal
  • a deep blue spiral fractal
  • a colorful, smooth spiral fractal
  • infinite fractal
  • smooth black and white fractal
  • fractured black and white fractal
  • smooth abstract fractal
  • a deep freen spiral fractal

Order a Print

All of my works are printed with archival quality materials and are rated to last up to 60 years in gallery conditions.

The price of each print varies based on the individual piece, the size you request, and the medium it is printed on (paper, canvas, etc). Prices start as low as $30 for an 11"x14" inch print.

Please direct all inquiries using the form on the right. You will typically receive a response within 24 hours.

I am currently not accepting commission requests.